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Popularity 27%

If it seems to you that your car produces not enough power - do not immediately blame the weak engine as an outdated design. It is possible that your car is programmed to run not at full power, but if you do not agree with such a decision of engineers - use a tuner. Using it, you can enter the ECU of your car and program it to achieve more power or better fuel consumption.

Cold Air Intakes

Popularity 29%

Among many other factors, temperature plays a significant role in the smooth running of your engine. The higher the temperature, the harder it is for the engine to do its job, resulting in less power and higher fuel consumption. Fortunately, this is easy enough to fix - install a cold air intake on your car - a system that delivers cooled air to the engine combustion chamber, thereby making it run more smoothly.


Popularity 26%

Your car's factory muffler is doing its job, but it's not perfect. It's time to upgrade your car with a custom muffler for better performance and sound. If you're like most drivers, you love the sound of a good engine. But if your car is too quiet, or the exhaust note doesn't quite match your personality, it's time to upgrade to a custom muffler. Not only it will make your car sound better, but it will also improve its performance. A custom muffler can help reduce backpressure and increase horsepower.


Popularity 4%

If your car sluggishly accelerates, and in general, rides somehow boring - install a turbocharger on your car. This is a gadget that pumps air into the combustion chamber of your car, thereby adding horsepower to the engine and making the vehicle faster and more dynamic on the road.


Popularity 6%

No matter how much money you invest in increasing your vehicle's horsepower, it will be useless if the engine is constantly overheating. The air that enters the combustion chamber must be cold, or at least not hot. If you neglect this rule, the best you can expect is a loss of power. In the worst case - get ready for a costly repair, because overheating can lead to engine failure. To avoid this - install an intercooler on your car. This system cools the air that enters the engine combustion chamber. In this way, you increase the power, remove unnecessary load from the engine and extend its service life.

Throttle Body Spacers

Popularity 25%

Don't know where to begin modifying your car? Install a throttle body spacer on your car - this detail changes the direction of the airflow going into the intake manifold. As a result, you get more power and improved fuel consumption. What's more, installing this modification doesn't require any inhuman effort, and the whole process will take only half an hour.



Popularity 32%

Install custom rims on your car to make it more noticeable and unique. Which are prettier: matte black, shiny chrome, or maybe even the golden ones? We don't know, everyone can decide which one they enjoy the most. What we do definitely know, however, is that beautiful rims are a great addition to any car!

Hub Centric Rings

Popularity 27%

It is extremely important that your car's rim fits snugly on the hub. Vibration or wobble is unacceptable - not only can it damage your beautiful rim, but it can also wear out your suspension components very quickly. If you notice that your rims are slipping, or if you notice any strange noises while driving, install a hub-centric ring - a spacer that reduces the gap between the rims and the hubs, thereby ensuring that they fit snugly together.

Exterior Upgrades

Fender Flares

Popularity 24%

Corrosion is one of the biggest enemies of any car. Your wheel arches are one of the most vulnerable places to rust. Due to constant exposure to dirt, moisture, and small debris, these elements begin to rust if not treated. What to do? Fortunately, if you're a responsible driver, this shouldn't be a problem for you - install fender flares on your iron beast. Not only this will protect your arches from damage and prolong their life, but it will also make your car look sportier and more aggressive. After all, we all love beautiful cars.

Roof Rails

Popularity 26%

It can be hard to decide if you need roof rails or not. You might be wondering if they are worth it. Yes, roof rails are definitely worth it! Here are three reasons why: 1) They make it safer to transport items in your car because they are less likely to fall and cause an accident. 2) Roof rails also make it more convenient to transport items in your car by attaching carriers and other accessories. 3) They also improve the appearance of your car.

Exhaust modifications

Catalytic Converters

Popularity 20%

When choosing a mod to install on their car, people very often ignore such an important component as the catalityc converter. It is commonly believed that this upgrade does not affect the vehicle's performance, but this is a misconception. Installing a new catalytic converter will allow you to achieve better fuel consumption, slightly increase power and provide a smoother ride.

Straight-through Exhaust Systems

Popularity 13%

Let everyone in the neighborhood know who has the coolest car here! Install a straight-through exhaust on your car - and then each of the horses under your hood will get a new, nice-sounding voice, which will sound as loud and clear as never before. The more powerful your car, the louder your new exhaust system will roar.


Popularity 18%

If you've started upgrading your car's exhaust system, don't stop halfway and do it perfectly. The muffler is the touch that can significantly enhance any car project. Install a quality muffler on your car and you won't regret it even for a single second. This mod will give you a small increase in power, and transform the appearance of the car, but most importantly, it will make your engine sound in a completely new way, making you feel pleasure every time you step on the gas pedal.


Fog lights

Popularity 23%

When the weather turns bad outside, you must be doubly careful to stay out of trouble. It's important to see every inch of the road in front of you, even on the darkest day. Fog lights will help you - their bright light will penetrate through any fog and no obstacle on the road will remain unnoticed for you.



Popularity 18%

Are you tired of lackluster sound quality in your car's audio system? A high-quality subwoofer may be just what you need to take your music to the next level. And with easy installation and durable construction, you can enjoy your music with a subwoofer for years to come.

MINI Cooper S 2011 Mods

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Is modding your 2011 MINI Cooper S expensive?

A 2011 MINI Cooper S modification is a practice of altering a car or truck in such a way that it alters from the developer's initial version. As a result of this, you need to look at any additional costs that come with your enhancement. All the modded vehicles are out there in various patterns, dimensions, and colors. So, where should you begin?

Every motorist can mod the automobile according to their fancies and driving manner. There are plenty of selections for you to choose from when it comes to customizing your car. You might alter the tires, interior, finishing coat, and even wipers! All these transformations can modify not only your 2011 MINI Cooper S looks but at the same time its conduct plus overall cost. Specially, a broader tire specifications will certainly make a car or truck's hold on the road nicer but can similarly create added gas expenditure.

But bear in mind, you ought to be super cautious with modded 2011 MINI Cooper S, due to not all those innovations are beneficial for the car. Lots of people want to save some money by doing the upgrades themselves, still this can commonly generate more conditions than it's worth. Thusly, you could apply customed wipers of the incorrect measurements as well as they definitely will not manage as properly as the stock ones. Usually, you can have a different paint work that looks awesome for a couple of weeks though then starts to remove.

If you plan to mod the 2011 MINI Cooper S, it's key to do your legwork as well as scheme ahead. It's often good to see a practitioner to insure that all adjustments you make are on safe side and won't damage your auto. Equally, you can typically stop by our website, where all the needful info is compiled and exhibited in quite a functional order. Our auto specialists did their best in order to make your life easier.


Before getting MINI Cooper S modified check if all the car mods you want to add are legal in your state.

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